My Shopping Habits Quiz


1. You decide to buy a new pair of shoes. You find a pair of shoes you like at the store, but they are a little expensive. You:

A) Buy the shoes, even though they cost a little more than you want to pay. They look great!

B) Choose a pair of shoes that are the price you want to pay, even though they are not what you want.

C) Search other shoe stores, looking for a better price and maybe even a better pair of shoes.



2. Today, you got your first paycheck! What do you do with it?

A) You wanted to make money to buy things—that’s why you got the job—so you spend it all right away.

B) Even though there are many things you want, you put the money in a safe place at home so you will not spend it.

C) There are so many things you want—clothing, shoes, going out with friends, college, a car—so you put half the money in the bank or credit union for long-term savings and spend the other half on things you want right now.



3. You just saw an ad for a new computer—the one you have been saving for—and the price is great. When you get to the store you find out that the price didn’t include a printer, which costs another $250.00. You decide:

A) To pay the extra money; you have it and you really want to buy the computer.

B) Continue to save your money and look for better deals, going home without the computer.

C) Take the ad to other stores and see if they will match the computer price and if they sell printers for less.



4. Last week you bought a new backpack. It is really comfortable, but today you realize that one of the zippers is broken. You:


A) Complain to your friends but don’t do anything else. You’d be way too embarrassed to go back to the store and talk to someone.

B) Go to the store, ask for your money back, buy a cheaper backpack, and realize when you get home that it just isn’t as nice as the other one.

C) Go to the store and find out if there is a repair policy and, if not, you exchange it for another one.



Check your answers!

If you answered mostly:

A: You spend money, even though you may not get the best buy.

B: You want to save money and get a good deal, but you tend to compromise for less than what you want.

C: Wow! You know a lot about getting what you want at a good price!