Account-to-Account Transfer Capability in "It'sMe247"

Members who use EdCo's "It'sMe247" FREE Online Banking service can now transfer money from their EdCo accounts to accounts at other financial institutions, and vice-versa.

With Account-to-Account Transfer, members can:
  • Send money to or "pull" money from accounts you have at other financial institutions
  • Initiate the outgoing or incoming transaction online or in our office
  • Rest assured funds are transferred securely using the traditional ACH service
Members need to complete and sign an agreement form to access this service -- simply call or email us to request the form.

How To Transfer Funds:
Once A2A capability is activated on your account, simply login to "ItsMe247" and click on the "Transfer Money" tab on the left sidebar on the "My Accounts" page. The "Transfer" page will then walk you through the four steps necessary to complete the transfer.
To request Account-to-Account capability be setup on your account,
please call us at (515) 274-4100 or email