Visa CheckCard®

Convenient, Secure and Easy to Use
In a word, your Visa CheckCard® is convenient. It is the safest, fastest, and most efficient payment option available today. An EdCo Community Credit Union Visa CheckCard is the most convenient way for you to access your checking account without writing a check. It eliminates the hassles of carrying a checkbook, writing a check and waiting for approval. Just present your Visa CheckCard and the transaction is processed in a matter of seconds. If your Visa CheckCard is lost or stolen call 1-866-596-3059.

As Useful as a Credit Card - Easier than a Check
A Visa CheckCard looks like a credit card, but works like a check. When you present your Visa CheckCard, you are drawing money directly from your checking account, instead of a line-of-credit. You can use your Visa CheckCard at more than 10 million merchants and more than 230,000 ATM's worldwide.

Detailed Record-Keeping
To help you keep track of your purchases, your monthly statement will list the amount, date - even the place where you made each purchase.

How Does the Visa CheckCard Work?
At Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), it works just like a regular ATM card, and you can use your PIN. At stores, restaurants and other merchants, it works like a check. Present your card, sign the receipt and your purchase is deducted from your checking account.

So When I Shop with it, I follow the same steps as when I use a Credit Card. But it's not a Credit Card, Right?
Right. The Visa CheckCard will be accepted by merchants just like a Visa. The difference is that your purchases will be deducted from your checking account, so there are no interest charges.

Will my Visa CheckCard purchases appear on my monthly checking account statement?
Yes. If you shop with your Visa CheckCard, each transaction will appear on your monthly statement. Having all of your transactions on one statement will help you keep track of your spending.

When I use the Visa CheckCard, are the funds withdrawn instantly?
Our Visa CheckCards feature Real Time transaction processing. This means that your Visa debit card transactions will be reflected in your available balance immediately after you complete a purchase (delays may occur depending upon the merchant’s level of technology). Within established daily limits, your available account balance is what will determine whether a transaction is approved or declined.

Can I overdraw my checking account?
While it is possible to overdraw your account, EdCo offers members three Overdraft Protection options to choose from. You can choose to implement 1, 2, or all 3 options on your checking account(s) and debit card(s).

1) A link to your savings account for funds transfer complete this form.

2) Overdraft line of credit complete this form.

3) Courtesy Pay complete two forms -- Overdraft & Courtesy Pay.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Call EdCo Community Credit Union at (515) 274-4100. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the Visa CheckCard.

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