Savings Account

Member Savings/Share Savings Account
Minimum opening deposit is $25 for Share Savings Accounts. Minimum balance of $100 required to earn dividends. Once your initial $25 has been deposited in your share account you may add to the account by payroll deduction, direct deposit, Voice Response System, online banking, mail, ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) throughout Iowa, or by visiting our Credit Union office.

Money Market Account

Money Market Accounts require a minimum deposit of $2000. Dividends are paid monthly, and provide a higher annual percentage yield (APY) than your standard Share Savings. Over $20,000 earns even higher rates of return on your money. No set terms, or penalties for withdrawal. Contact us for more information or to open a Money Market Account.

Share Certificates (CDs)

Members looking to earn more on their savings will find investing in Share Certificates to be very safe, and productive. EdCo offers 3 to 36 month terms for Share Certificates with a minimum balance as low as $500. All Share Certificates are automatically renewed unless otherwise specified. Contact us for more information or to open a CD.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
EdCo offers IRAs that can reduce the income taxes you pay now and provide for a better future. EdCo offers IRAs for everyone, call or stop in for current rates and regulations.

Christmas Club Accounts

Christmas Club Accounts are special annual programs that help members save for the holiday season. No minimum deposit is required. On November 1, we will automatically transfer your Christmas Club Account funds into your Share Savings or Share Draft account, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Vacation Club Accounts

This account is very much like the Christmas Club account, except it will continue to build until you decide to take it out (the funds will not automatically be transferred on any specific date as they are with the Christmas Club Account). There is no minimum deposit required to open a Vacation Club Account. Use it for vacation, home improvement, that vehicle you always wanted, or anything else you want to save for.

Youth Accounts

EdCo Community Credit Union believes it’s vital to teach kids and young adults how to save and manage their finances, long before they have the opportunity to incur debt or are faced with large financial decisions as adults.

EdCo offers two types of youth clubs – the
Kirby Kangaroo Club for kids ages 0-12; and CU Succeed for young adults ages 13-19. Both clubs encourage saving by offering promotions and incentives several times a year, and members receive a quarterly newsletter geared toward the saving and spending habits of their age group.

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